About Us

Icegraphic T-shirts was founded on the passion Steve Dean has for art, design, and electronic music. Steve and Emma have nurtured and developed the t-shirt design element of the business to the point where they now have a global client base.

With over 30 years of experience in design and branding, we are passionate about creating original designs that will set your business apart from the competition.

Steve has worked with companies such as The Sofitel Group and Sydney Opera House, as well as local Business of the Year, Greenspan. His experience led to the creation of Icegraphic T-shirts, a printing business specialising services promotional apparel, digital design and workwear.
Showdown Poker — Printing in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Steve uses the principle of design, illustration and innovation. His artwork has been described as "the epitome of urban boldness, his caricature and rendering are set on a foundation of sound technique, which gives any client something unique."

We’re committed to running our business in an environmentally responsible way, using sunshine to expose our screens rather than lightboxes, to reduce our electricity usage. The small amount of water we use to expose our screens is captured and reused in the factory to wash out screens throughout the day so our taps are rarely turned on.

When possible, we source our products from suppliers who are accepted by the Global Organic Textile Standard, this ensures member organisations adhere to strict guidelines in order to be considered certified organic. The practises include those related to production, carbon offsets, water wastage and fair labour practices.
We try to work with businesses who care about the earth and who work within an eco-friendly framework in all aspects of business. We avoid the use of plastics and encourage our suppliers to lower their use of plastics as well.

Our design and printing is kept 100% local, this reduces our footprint, supports the local economy and the local community.

We believe that every little bit makes a big difference to the planet, and we're committed to doing our part.