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Angus Budd

Free Range Hat — Printing in Coffs Harbour, NSW
16-year-old Angus Budd was chosen to represent our community from his laid-back approach to life in general and his ability to carve up waves and make the most out of any situation. An apprentice builder in his first year, we love the energy Angus brings with him wherever he goes.

Angus competes in the open division of our local Coffs Harbour Boardriders Club, as well as regional, state titles and various comps. He won the U18's in the 2019 Champ & Gazza Surf Fest, CHBC open "B" club champion, he has and continues to, represent CHBC in the junior teams for inter-club competition and is knocking on the door of representation in the open teams over the coming years.

It will not surprise us if he is selected in the train-on squad for the elite team competing in the nudie Australian boardriders battle. He is a bright light, really starting to mature as a surfer, and we are yet to see the best of this kid and it is exciting to see what will happen with his surfing in the coming years.

To top it off, he is a really great person. His other sponsors include Vissla wetsuits and Coopers Surf Australia

Matt Chelman

Free Range Hat — Printing in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Veteran surfer, yet eternal grommet, Chell has been down every path imaginable with his surfing.

He's been surfing in contests at the highest level for over 30 years now, his attitude of "free surfing his contest heats" shows his absolute love for the ocean and surfing.

A previous open club champion of Coffs Harbour Boardriders with a list of achievements too long to note, he is highly regarded and very well known by all in the surfing community along the whole east coast of Australia. A real surfing lifestyle ambassador, we have a strong connection because we have the same feelings about surfing and life in general.

Chellman is a very special human being. His other sponsors include Highline Surf Co and MH Surfboards (who is also releasing a Chellbones model board this season).

Currently establishing his own brand ‘Chellbones' in collaboration with us, we look forward to releasing new designs for the Chellbones series.

Coffs Harbour Boardriders Junior Encouragement Award:

Every year we pick a junior surfer (under 10) who may not win every comp, but the spirit and heart they show makes them stand out to us and that’s what we like to encourage.

Receiving this award is a real boost to confidence when you don't necessarily win all the time.

Oscar Oxenford was our 2019 winner, previous winners include Olive Goode 2017 and Cohen Hunt in 2018.


Our other sponsored riders include:

Billy Budd (club champion masters div. Woolgoolga Boardriders Club Champs 2017, runner up masters div, champ and Gazza 2018).

Steve Dean (1st place masters div. Barney Miller Classic 2019, runner up CHBC Club Champs’ Master's div 2017)

Jet Dean (CHBC under 6's club champion 2018)


Coffs Harbour Boardriders (CHBC)

We as a small business invest a lot of time, energy and product in sponsoring a club that is close to our hearts and aligns with our values. We print all of the merchandise for CHBC and provide opportunities to try new promotional products and apparel.


Sawtell Boardriders

New to our community in 2019 is the Sawtell Boardriders, again stoked to be involved with such a well-run, grass roots level club focused on developing juniors.