Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about screen printing, we have compiled many of the queries we are asked most often about our services, products, and business along with their answers for your convenience. Read through them to get answers to your questions. If you need additional information, feel free to get in touch and we will help you navigate your project.
What is the best way to do a large run of tees (500+)?
Generally, the best way to do large runs economically is a single colour screen print, but there are many variables and we will always work with you to get the best outcome for you.
Can I provide my own garments?
What is the best way to print my job?
Can I print the same design on men, women and kids tees?
How do I provide my artwork or design?
Can you design for me?
Do you make screens for people to do their own printing?
*We also offer a complete design, print, pack & dispatch for your brand at competitive rates